Scope Full renovation of 120 rooms with balconies and corridors including complete new A/C technology in OREA RESORT SANTON in all areas of hotel including meeting space. Increasing amount of oririgin 113 units up to 120. Technological preparation to future extention of additional 40 rooms.  Complete change of 550m2 terrace floor, technical preparation for „Winter Garden as floor heating and roof isolation. Completed project or relax beach zone in 2nd floor with refreshing cooling pool. Spa extended by 4th sauna.
Timeframe January 2020 – May 2020
Cost  € 4,6M
Investor Cimex Group
General Contractor Tanova
Architect Katerina Kovalska (Simple You)

The Orea Resort Santon is situated in the middle of greenery on the shore of Brno Reservoir. The new modern design of the rooms, hotel’s spa with a swimming pool and sauna world invite you to relax. You can reach the centre of Brno, which is only 10 kilometres away, by tram. The Orea Resort Santon is also a great starting point for walks in the vicinity as well as for longer trips.