Thirty years ago, Jana Sobotova and Petr Lukes founded CIMEX Karlovy Vary, spol. s.r.o..
This entity was on the forefront of what later became one of the most successful and accomplished business endeavors in the nation. Throughout the years, the business evolved and core-focus shifted towards commercial real estate and hospitality.

We pride ourselves on our complexity and abilities to carry out full scale hospitality operations. From asset ownership through efficient real estate property & facility management and a variety of operating and management models to top-line investment, financial & transaction management, our group of companies is able to independently cover full the entire investment cycle from the inception to divestment.

Our reputation precedes us as we continue to write to story that defines nation-wide standards in hospitality. Orea Hotels & Resorts became the pilot as well as most successful project. At AHG, we are proud to advise and govern OREA HOTELS & RESORTS on key strategy and management processes.

Simultaneously, our focus extends beyond OREA HOTELS & RESORTS and domestic operations. Since 2012, AHG provides strategic investment oversight of a variety of international investments into upper-upscale, luxury and ultra-luxury assets scattered on the global hospitality map. The ability to build a relationship with globally renowned hotels and resort operators bring a significant competitive advantage to our domestic asset management strategy.



Mr. Gorjan Lazarov

Gorjan is the Managing Director of the hotel chain OREA HOTELS & RESORTS with 15 hotels around the Czech Republic. Beginning his career in Vodafone and Marriott, he worked his way up over time to becoming a manager of Boscolo Prague Hotel and Boscolo Milano Hotel. His key skills include strategies, searching for innovative methods and their introduction in the business. Gorjan graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, Katz Business School. In his free time, he likes playing tennis, skiing, and watching basketball.


Mr. Vaclav Vochoska

Václav is responsible for private equity investments and strategic growth. Václav joined CIMEX GROUP in 2010 and became responsible for the management and oversight of international projects and investments. Before joining Cimex, he pursued a diplomatic tenure with offices of the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Los Angeles and the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington, DC. Vaclav also represented Czech Republic as a member of the Czech National Rowing Team. He holds a degree from University of California, Berkeley and his hobbies include rowing, football and family.


Ms. Jana Sobotova

Jana Sobotova, an international entrepreneur currently focuses on strategic oversight of hospitality asset management processes. As a principal and founder of the Cimex Group, Jana uses her experience and unique skillset in order to ensure that hospitality governance process is fully aligned with corporate investment strategy of Cimex Group. Jana is also directly responsible for a number of growth initiatives within the existing hospitality portfolio.


Mr. Petr Lukes

Petr Lukes, an international entrepreneur currently focuses on strategic oversight of various real estate and asset management projects and leads the corporate & strategic governance processes of AHG . Petr is also the principal and founder of the Cimex Group where he established himself as a strategic leader and renowned investor. Petr uses his cosmopolitan international experience and expertise in order to shape the strategic direction of AHG.

Key Case Studies

New Orea

Gencom JV