Hotels & Resorts Real Estate

Advising hotel owners and/or acting on behalf of hotel owning entities to ensure that all investment performance indicators are met and exceeded. Our goal is to drive owners’ profitability by diligently and closely working with the hotel operators in order to maximize performance of the operations.

We provide full-scale vertical and horizontal services

  • Preparation of annual and quarterly budgets, operational and financial reviews and accounting and reporting services.
  • Capital expenditure projects from initial analyses to planning, budgeting, execution, cost management to full operational implementation to ROI analyses.
  • Strategic sale & marketing initiatives.
  • Revenue and pricing management.
  • SOP and operational & service standards refinements.
  • Financing, refinancing, structured financial packaging, equity & debt advisory.
  • Full-scale transaction support.
  • General Asset Management
    Governance of value custom tailored to your company’s needs in order to maximize profit
  • Hotel and Resort Management & Operations
    Full-scale management of your hotel and resort. Management contract, franchise of contract agreement.
  • Planning, Development, Re-Development
    We provides full scale services in planning, management, execution and financing of your project
  • Marketing, Sales and Revenue Audits
    Maximizing your cost efficiency, sales and pricing strategy and processes
  • Acquisitions & Divestments Advisory
    Full scale transaction advisory services for acquisition, divestments or structured recapitalizations
  • Valuation and due-diligence
    We help you identify and maximize your value and minimize your risk exposure
  • Finance and Capital Markets
    Financing, refinancing, debt placements, equity financing or other instruments to maximize your efficiency
  • Outside of hospitality
    Need a help with something else? Call Us.